Dapper Developer Docs

Dapper Developer Docs

Empowering developers building the best-in-class Web3 projects for mainstream audiences.

Dapper Labs makes it easy for everyday consumers to get started and feel comfortable in the new ownership economy, while acting as a full-service partner to developers in the Web3 space. Similar to the model of an app store, Dapper aims to bring together the best projects and communities in Web3 by working with great partners to generate authentic experiences for our users.

Dapper handles identity, payments, custody and a seamless purchase experience allowing users to participate in Web3 using a wide range of payment types and without any knowledge of underly blockchain technologies. And all without any downloads or plugins required - both for web and for mobile.

Underlying the Dapper experience is a robust blockchain architecture that is fully decentralized, environmentally friendly, and best in class for trust and safety practices.

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