Launch Checklist
Launch Checklist

Launch Checklist

Launch Checklist

This checklist aims to reduce the time it takes for you to launch an NFT collection successfully through Dapper. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless launch.

  1. Ensure NFT contract has been added to the NFT Catalog
  2. Ensure NFT Inventory Configuration has been filled out within Dapper Developer
  3. Ensure all transactions have been submitted and approved
  4. Conduct QA testing using Dapper wallet
    1. Place NFT for sale successfully (including on P2P marketplace if applicable)
    2. Remove NFT from listing successfully (including on P2P marketplace if applicable)
    3. Purchase NFT successfully (including on P2P marketplace if applicable)
      1. Confirm the purchase is logged in Dapper wallet Activity History
      2. Confirm Dapper Balance is updated upon purchase
      3. Confirm receipt of email with purchase receipt
      4. Ensure NFT appears successfully in Inventory after purchase
      5. Share Dapper profile URL ( with your account manager who will decide whether to approve the app or not, and confirm the NFT is viewable on profile
      6. Confirm user balance is updated successfully for royalty recipients
      7. Export merchant sales report from the report & payout tab in Dapper Developer and confirm the report reflects the purchase successfully
  5. Ensure app name in Dapper Developer is correct (this is the name that will be reflected on the sales reports)

Questions about going live? Get in touch with our developer team.

Not all applications launched on Dapper Developer will require submission of NFT inventory configuration.
Since Flow is a public blockchain, any transactions on Testnet and Mainnet will be accessible. You are able to test without revealing details of your project by using a different contract name and different images. If this is your preference, please ensure that test images are the same type and size as the images you will use in production.
Full access to Payment Services in production will only be granted after the KYB process has been completed and approved.
Any sales through the project should be from the Merchant Account address.